A downloadable game for Windows

Rattlevision was developed during a casual Paragon Pawns Game Jam and designed around the theme "Decay". Kick back, relax and play some microgames on the galaxy's finest handheld console!

It's a little finicky, so you'll need to give it a few good taps!
• Q Key: Tap with your left hand
• E Key: Tap with your right hand

Spring Cleaning
Clean a window until your supervisor approves!
• Up Arrow Key: Move squeegee up
• Down Arrow Key: Move squeegee down

Boiler Burst
Bring the pipes to a boil and clear out the trash!
• A Key or Spacebar: Rapidly tap to increase temperature

Rusty Icicles
Sabotage the machine and accelerate the rusting process!
• A Key or Spacebar: Drop icicle


Rattlevision.zip 25 MB

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